Artist Statement

“I believe that starting a painting is like opening a window, a door, onto another world.

You give life to this world, just like writing words after one another. The brushes deliver colours, like notes, and very fast some melodies can be heard. Art is at its best when it can open the viewer, transporting him or her to some other places. Each canvas tells a story, and is for me as the artist, an adventure that ends only when the final stroke is painted.

As a self-taught painter, my work is an instinctive process, based on a lifetime’s maturation of the mind. When I paint, I carry into my canvas the deepest parts of myself. All ancestral legacies, memories, past lives… and all lived experiences and obsessions in this life. All of these emerge to the surface as my brush dances across the canvas. I don’t direct; I am directed by an inner force.

Painting with my whole body sensation, I let feelings create, with fun, anything that emerges from the unconscious and subconscious.

A painting whispers, tells, sings, connects with the viewer, complains, and cries, also, sometimes. Vibration rises.

Painting is a perpetual beginning, each canvas is a new adventure. Art exists without rules. With rules, it dies, like if you put a bird in a cage.

This is my philosophy as an artist.”